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After we finished organizing my living room, I sat down to watch TV and didn’t even turn it on. I just sat and enjoyed my amazing space for an hour. This is the best money I have ever spent on myself! – D.K., Psychologist, Encinitas

Free Phone Consultation

We will talk for about 20 minutes about your current organizational challenges, past issues and your organizing goals. I can then offer insight and be specific about how I can help you. Some clients wish to just get organized and others are interested in the personal or therapeutic aspects of organizing as well. I embrace both the outer and inner. 
Organizational Assessment - $195

To begin your organizing journey, I come to your home for an in-depth consultation, which lasts about 2 hours.  We will do a walk-through of the house so I can assess furniture placement and storage, as well as discuss clutter issues. This is a brainstorming time to create solutions to the organizational jigsaw puzzles in your space. As we talk, I pay attention to your routines, habits and working style to come up with a successful organizing plan tailored to meet your needs. If you can do your own organizing, this session will provide all the information needed to jump start the process. Most clients, however, proceed to the hands-on Organizing Sessions.
Organizing Sessions

These working sessions are usually 4 hours long; long enough to take an area apart, declutter, and put it back together, new and improved! You may need help with just one specific task, like organizing your papers, or you may want help to declutter and organize your whole home. We decide together where to start, then roll up our sleeves and dig in. If we are doing the whole house, we will usually start with the big picture, like room arrangement and storage, move onto closets and drawers, then towards time-intensive projects like memorabilia or papers.

I charge by the hour, but I offer a discount on a package of 5 and 10 sessions, which is helpful if you need help with your whole home.
Hourly Rate – $75-$85

One 4 hour session - $340 ($85/hr)
5 Session Package (20 hours) – $1600 ($80/hr)
10 Session Package (40 hours) – $3000 ($75/hr)


Once the organizational process is finished, many people can maintain their renewed environment themselves. However, I am happy to help those clients who need ongoing support. Whether it is monthly or quarterly, we will find the frequency that assists you best. The hourly rate depends your Session Package.

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