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After we finished organizing my living room, I sat down to watch TV and didn’t even turn it on. I just sat and enjoyed my amazing space for an hour. This is the best money I have ever spent on myself! – D.K., Psychologist, Encinitas

Free Phone Consultation

During our conversation, which will last approximately 20 minutes, we will discuss your existing organizational challenges, past difficulties, and your desired objectives. Following that, I will provide valuable perspectives and offer precise details on how I can assist you. Certain clients solely seek assistance with organizing, while others are intrigued by the personal or therapeutic aspects associated with organization. I embrace both the external and internal aspects of this process. 
Organizational Assessment - $245

To commence your organizing journey, I will visit your home to conduct a thorough consultation lasting approximately 2 hours. During this time, we will tour your house to evaluate furniture arrangement, storage options, and address any concerns regarding clutter. It is an opportunity for us to brainstorm and devise solutions for the organizational challenges within your space, taking into consideration your routines, habits, and preferred working style. By observing these aspects, I can develop a tailored organizing plan that caters to your specific requirements. If you prefer to handle the organizing yourself, this session will equip you with all the necessary information to kickstart the process. However, most clients choose to proceed with hands-on Organizing Sessions.
Organizing Sessions

These working sessions are 4 hours long. This provides ample time to disassemble, declutter, and reassemble an area, transforming it into a new and improved space. Whether you require assistance with a specific task such as organizing your papers or seek help in decluttering and organizing your entire home, we collaborate to determine the starting point before diving into the project. When tackling a whole-house organization, our approach usually begins with addressing the broader aspects, such as room arrangement, storage, closets, and drawers before progressing to more time-intensive work like sorting through memorabilia or managing papers.

I charge by the hour, but I offer a discount on a package of 5 and 10 sessions, which is suggested if you wish to organize your whole house.
Hourly Rate – $85-$95

One 4-hour session - $340 ($85/hr)
5 Session Package (20 hours) – $1800 ($90/hr)
10 Session Package (40 hours) – $3400 ($85/hr)


Once the organizational process is finished, many people can maintain their renewed environment themselves. However, I am happy to help those clients who need ongoing support. Whether it is monthly or quarterly, we will find the frequency that assists you best. The hourly rate depends on your Session Package.

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