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"Release the shame that binds you. Organizing is action therapy at it’s best!" - Karen Wilkening

From one room makeovers to whole home overhauls, Karen will help you plan and implement all aspects of reorganizing your life. Her expertise includes home offices, kitchens, garages, bedrooms, closets, living areas and bathrooms.

During this process you will:

- Build new decision making muscles

- Clarify what makes you happy

- Have custom organizational systems designed for your home

- Learn simple organizational techniques that will help you maintain what we achieve

- Discover storage space you didn’t know you had

- Gain pride and inspiration in your surroundings

- Understand and accept yourself more easily

- Reduce stress and increase pleasure in your life



- ADHD and Chronic Disorganization

- Divorce and Bereavement

- Downsizing and Moving  - Preparation and Unpacking

- Brain Injury and Disabilities

- Art and Craft Studios

- DIY and Home Renovation Chaos

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